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Previous Case of LLC (Limited Liability Company) Establishment & Business Manager Visa Obtainment

Running a Ramen Restaurant Business (Client Feedback:  Mr. Ba Dao Lock

Mr. Ba Dao Lock initially came to Japan as a Technical Intern Trainee from Vietnam.  He worked at a Japanese Restaurants after graduating from both a Japanese Language School and a vocational school.

In February 2023, we established SORA LLC, opened the current Yokohama Ikekei Ramen FC store “Akaie”, and obtained a business management visa.

We asked what he thought he would need and how he felt upon opening his own business.

  •  Date of Consultation:  January 20th, 2023
  • Date of Application:  February 6th, 2023
  • Date of Opening Business:  March 10th, 2023
What kind of work did you do before opening your business?

After involving as a technical intern trainee in machining and lathe work in 2008, I signed a contract with an organization that sent out trainees to various countries in 2020 and worked in a sales area at a company that accepts trainees.  I attended a Japanese language school and a technical school to obtain a qualification in IT Business from 2014 to 2016.

What were the reasons for you to start your company?

As I had experience working in a restaurant business for 2 years since 2017, I felt happy seeing customers enjoying our food.  I have wanted to cheer people up through food by opening my restaurant someday since then.

I thought that it might be easier to get into the business if I ran as a franchise after coming across an ‘Ie-kei Ramen’ restaurant run by an acquaintance and learning the appeal of world-famous Japanese ramen around that time.

What were the services you requested CEVT this time?

 I requested all the necessary application work to open my restaurant.  I left everything to CEVT not only establishing a LLC business but also obtaining my Business License.

It was helpful that I could spend my time on opening a Ramen Restaurant instead of spending a troublesome time collecting and writing documents. CEVT took care of everything on my behalf including obtaining a Business Manager Visa since I chose their full-service plan.

How did you hear about CEVT?

My Vietnamese acquaintance from the Franchisor introduced me to CEVT, who took care of him quickly on top of being polite and attentive. 

It was reassuring to know that they had a lot of experience as well.  I could establish an LLC and open the restaurant on the date that I wanted about 2 weeks after the free consultation.

Were there anything to be worried about upon opening your restaurant?

 I was not too worried about purchasing ingredients and hiring employees since it was a franchise system, however, I had a lot of anxiety and concerns about where to start before the consultation with CEVT or what to ask because it was my first time establishing a company. 

But it all went away after finding out that I could concentrate on opening my restaurant as well as feeling as if I met a trustworthy partner by meeting with CEVT.

How did you feel about the way CEVT took care of your case?

It was very helpful that they took care of me with full support.  I have heard that other Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists would not do as much as CEVT has helped me with the application for my business license and franchise contracting.  I could set up a restaurant account on Google myself because of my IT background.  Then I heard that they offered PR Support Services to those without any knowledge of the area.  I was surprised to know how much support they offer through and through.

I could open the restaurant on the date that I wanted even though I thought it was impossible all because they took care of me quickly with my urgent request.  I am very thankful to them.

How is your business doing currently?

The business is going well after opening for 2 months now.  I have been able to keep the sales and the operating profit as planned.  Some customers bring their families and some come every day.  Our cheerful and friendly customer service has also been well received by our customers.  I could make my dream to open my restaurant and cheer people up through food come true.

I am aiming for stable organizational growth by hiring some full-time employees in the early stages even though I currently have a company structure of myself as a Representative Senior Partner and four part-time employees.  I am planning to expand my business to 4 to 5 restaurants as a mid to long-term goal.

Please send a message to those who are thinking of establishing a company.

I believe that you better contact a Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist as early as possible as you must be worried about establishing a company in Japan.  I contacted CEVT before leaving my previous job.  I stopped feeling worried not even once and started to put all of my effort into opening a Ramen Restaurant after that.  The most important thing is a trustworthy partner when you open a business.  I recommend you consult with CEVT first if you are to establish a company.